Obtaining Trees That Require Very Little Water

Your home is in a spot where there is minimum rainfall, but you want to plant some trees around your house. This is where a lot of people find themselves, especially when they choose to live in the southern part of the United States. Frequently, people would most likely buy trees to enhance their home without knowing how much water is required. However, you can easily get trees that look fantastic but do not need lots of water. Prior to deciding to venture out and purchase some trees, be sure you learn more about them.

Type of Tree

Almost certainly the preferred type of tree to have are those that are naturally growing in your area. These kinds of trees or plants have learned how to survive without much water, so they will be able to survive in your yard. A valuable thing to do can be to go to a location that only has nature and see which trees are green. You must then get information on these trees and plant them in your yard. Even if they may not be the most attractive trees, they will at least grow where you plant them.

Water Requirements

One particular tree that can grow in almost every condition and with any amount of water is Scotch Pine. This robust and solid tree can easily grow 20 inches in just a year without needing much water. It doesn’t take much to plant these kinds of trees and they can grow quickly to 25 to 35 feet. You can readily locate these trees in commercial greenhouses, especially when your area tends to be dry. You will find different varieties, and what some people don’t like about some of them is how they fade to a yellowish brown color when it gets cold. Luckily, not all of them can convert into that color.

Another solid and robust tree to contemplate is the Rocky Mountain Juniper. During the winter season, the tree gets brown but becomes green again during the spring. If you love birds, this tree is great to have plus they also make great windbreaks. They have loads of branches to nest in, but their rate of growth is only around 10 inches a year. This is slow when compared with other hardy trees. Yet another well-liked tree that won’t require much water is the Russian Olive. It’s a considerably more flamboyant tree compared to others and looks quite beautiful when it’s all grown up. These trees are able to grow in almost any type of soil and has berries that attract birds.

Although your area may be arid, you will be able to plant trees. You’ll be able to investigate online, call at your local nurseries or simply just study your area to see what trees are available. You can simply locate the trees that you’d like by simply driving around the nearby area.