Exterior Lighting Tips

The perception of your house from the outside can be ruined if you have the wrong lighting but with proper lighting, it can look beautiful. You have to know the best type of lights for your house and garden. It is possible to have a beautiful evening walking through your garden with the perfect lighting. You might assume that is a dream, but the proper outdoor lighting can be found for your place.

Security Concerns

Throughout the winter months as the days get shorter it’s a good idea to have the right outdoor lighting for security reasons. The lighting can transform the living space outside your house, so that with the right planning you can even entertain guests. You’ll notice four different categories that exterior lights can be divided into. Security lighting will be the first and should only be used for areas that can susceptible to break-ins. They are generally activated by motion and are very bright. The other type or group of lights is position lighting which might be for lighting up pathways or for outdoor grilling. The lights should never be extremely bright and must light up the specific area properly. Sometimes if it is too bright, it may make it harder to see.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is helpful to spotlight a specific feature of a given area for effect. A common example is often a light concentrated upward on a statue. It can be very soothing to have lights that result in silhouetting. Moonlighting or starlight is designed for creating captivating lighting that can imitate either moonlight or starlight. To create this effect, you must have outdoor lights on some trees and point them downward. To create the effects of stars, you put lights in branches and add some flickering candles. The look and feel of nature is great to enjoy in your own private garden.

Less Is More

You want to make certain you do not overdo the lighting no matter what you have put together. More often than not, less is more when you design your lighting. If lights are not necessary, do not utilize them and it is fine to use low-wattage bulbs. One thing to be mindful about is to never transmit the light upward. A basic error would be to have a runway effect by having the lights focused in a straight line up and down paths. Yellow lighting should be avoided because it does not make the plants look very good. Blue-white lights are a better choice or you can use daylight-blue filters.

You want to place your lights so that you can effortlessly get to them when you need to change bulbs. After your lights are set up for the outside the house, you can enjoy your time outdoors after dark.